Dynamite Teams

Dynamite Teams

For 2017, the Dynamite Teams program is offered at:

Guelph – July 17 to 21

Ottawa 2 – July 17 to 21

Calgary Mount Pleasant 2 – August 21 to 25

Halifax 2 – August 21 to 25


Dynamite Teams camps feature 2 ice times per day and off-ice sessions which will focus on the following:

–      “team first” concept

–      the focus will be on ring possession and passing

–      each ice time will consist of a warm up and then scrimmage

–      coaching, other than during warmup, will be done from on the bench and then in feedback sessions after each ice time

–      specific goals will be worked on and coached for each ice time

–      off ice games will focus on how to pass and support teammates



Goalies will be coached from a goalie instructor through watching the goalies in game play. The goalie instructor will work with the goalies and provide feedback when it is their rotation off the ice, before, and after each ice time.

If you are interested in receiving a goalie cut jersey, please indicate the size in the “Additional Comments” section of your registration.

Space is limited to 30 skaters and 4 goaltenders.

Got questions? Get answers!

Email questions@nationalringetteschool.com or call 403-284-5161