2020 Summer Ringette Camps


Information and Registration

  1. Click on a province below.
  2. Click on an age group for your chosen location.
  3. Click on either “Player – Information and Registration” or “Goalie – Information and Registration”


British Columbia





Please Note: When you go through the registration process you will be asked to create an Amilia account. This is the registration processor we are now using. Setting up an account will allow easy access to updates on camps and to provide updates on your or your child’s information. There are no charges for creating an account and you will only be asked to provide credit card information upon “Checkout”.

You will be asked to provide your information as the “Account Owner”.

Please add your child’s information by doing the following:

  • On the “Select Participants To Register” window, click the red icon “Add Another Person” and then input your child’s information.
  • If your order is complete, click “Checkout” and complete the rest of the registration forms. If you wish to add more participants, click the red icon “Add Another Person” again.