Who are the instructors of the National Ringette School?

We have a large pool of amazingly talented instructors.  Their expertise and love for ringette is what makes our camps truly successful.  This fabulous list is coming soon!  Click here to meet a few!

Is there a program tailored to goalies?

We do offer goalie training at each of our camps.  There will be a goalie instructor on the ice with each group to provide goalie specific feedback and exercises to these athletes.  We do keep the goalies with the players throughout their ice times as we believe it is important for them to be challenged by their peers throughout many of the exercises.  To read more click here.

Will there be someone to help them get dressed for their ice times?

There will be instructors present to help the participants get ready for their ice times. They will help in a variety of ways, including tying skates, snapping on helmets and teaching the athletes the “buddy system” which encourages helping one another!

What will the athletes be taught on the ice?

We have a full page of information regarding what each group will be taught. Click here to read all the information.

What will they be doing when they are not on the ice?

When the participants are not on the ice they will be involved in numerous activities that will benefit them in their ringette development. These activities include: fitness sessions, team building activities, nutrition discussions, rules and strategy development sessions and cooperative games; and off-ice shooting and/or swimming at select locations.

Are boys allowed to attend the camp?


Will the boys at camp be changing in the same dressing room as the girls?

No.  We will make necessary changes to allow for seperate changing space for boys and girls.

Can I pay by cheque?

We are no longer accepting cheques.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes! We have a 3 payment plan system in place that can work for credit card payments.  To read more on our Payment Plan click here.

Is there a discount if I register more than one child?

We offer a 10% family discount for families that register 3 or more children.

Is there a discount if I register my child for more than one camp?

If you choose to register the same participant for two camps, we offer a 10% discount on the second camp.

Is there after-care for my child if I cannot pick her/him up on time?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer after-care at our camps.  Therefore, we do require that you make the necessary arrangements to pick your child up at their designated pick-up time.  Failure to pick up a child at the designated time will result in additional payment of $10/15minutes.