U12, U14, U16

U12, U14 and U16 Programs

This program was created to enhance the development of technical ringette skills.

For 2017, these athletes are born between 2002 and 2007.  The division of the groups based on age and ability is location specific.

For full day camps, athletes will typically receive 13 ice sessions that focus on the following:

–      Explosive skating techniques

–      Skill development and technique refinement: checking, accurate and effective passing, shooting

–      Defensive strategies, including body positioning, channelling and dominating the triangle

–      Offensive strategies, including deking and sniper goal-scoring techniques

–      Effective on-ice communication

–      Scrimmage time

–      Fun

Off ice activities are ringette focussed and will include:

– 3 fitness sessions,

– a nutrition session,

– strategy and mental training sessions,

– team building and co-operative games; and

– certain locations will offer off-ice shooting sessions.


On the ice, goaltenders will participate in drills with the whole group and will also get the chance to work individually with our top notch goalie instructor.  Skill instruction will focus on a variety of skills: skating, basic stance, glove positioning, stick save, butterfly and agility.  Goalies will participate in decision training drills and will also discover the keys to remaining flexible throughout the season.

Goalies will pay 50% of regular registration fees.  Additionally, if you are interested in receiving a goalie cut jersey, please indicate the size in the “Additional Comments” section of your registration.




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