Our Programs

Summer camp locations across Canada!The National Ringette School

We have accepted many invitations to teach in communities across Canada and now proudly serve more than 18 locations across 7 provinces.

Our week long Ringette camps take place between July and September and accommodate young athletes of all ages and abilities.

For the Summer of 2017 we are introducing new groupings based upon birth date:

  • U10 Group*
    • The U10 group accepts players and goalies that will be playing U10 in the upcoming season.  These athletes  are born in 2008 and 2009.  Read more.
  • U12 Group*
    • The U12 group accepts players and goalies that will be playing U12 in the upcoming season.  These athletes are born in 2006 and 2007.  Read more.
  • U14/U16 Group*
    • The U14/U16 group accepts players and goalies that will be playing U14 or U16 in the upcoming season.  These athletes are born in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.  At certain camps, where indicated, this group will be split into a U14 group and a separate U16 group.  Read more.

While a few select camps also offer three additional programs:

  • Active Start – Beginner
    • The Bunny-Beginner group is offered at Calgary Trico.  This group accepts players that are new to ringette or those playing Active Start in the upcoming season.  These athletes are born 5 to 9 years old and are beginner athletes.
  • Dynamite Teams
    • 2015 was the first year of this program and it was overwhelmingly successful.  We are excited to have it back for a third year!
    • This camp will focus on a “team first” concept from the start until the end of the program.  Based on a first ice time scrimmage/tryout two teams will be formed with individual coaches assigned to each “team”.  The teams will stay together for all on ice activities and most off ice activities.  Rather than working on drills/skill refinement at ice times, each ice time will consist of a warm up (including a strategic working point) and then scrimmage.
    • Coaching, other than during the warmup, will be done from on the bench and then in feedback sessions after each ice time.  Specific team goals will be worked on and coached for each ice time.  The focus will be on ring possession and passing.  Off ice games will again focus on how to pass and support teammates.
    • This program is offered at the following locations: Calgary Mount Pleasant Week 2Halifax Week 2Guelph and Ottawa Week 2.  Click on the location you are interested in to see which ages are eligible.
    • Two ice times each day.
    • Limited to 30 skaters and 4 goalies.
  • Top Gun
    • The Top Gun group is offered in GuelphOttawa 2Richmond HillHalifax and Vernon. The birth years of participants accepted into the group varies between the locations of the camp. The Top Gun groups  accepts players and goalies currently playing or likely to be playing AA and A in the upcoming season.
  • High Performance Conditioning
    • The High Performance Conditioning group is offered at Edmonton Callingwood.  This group accepts players and goalies born in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 that will be playing A or AA ringette in the upcoming season.

*We appreciate that in some associations your child’s placement on a team for the upcoming season may not completely correspond to our age groupings.  If this is the case and you are uncertain as to which group your child should be registered in please contact our office, 403-284-5161.