Stacey Levitt Women And Sport Memorial Scholarship

Stacey Levitt Women And Sport Memorial Scholarship From
Applications Due
May 31, 2011

Stacey Levitt
Stacey Levitt

INTENDED FOR: Five young women, a girls’ team, or a sport organization that exemplify Stacey’s ideals and qualities.

DETAILS: The Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Scholarship is in memory of a very special 18 year old woman who was struck down by a car while she was jogging on Aug. 30, 1995. Stacey Levitt She was a superior athlete, a top student, and loved by many. She participated in sport for the sheer joy of the experience. She loved the camaraderie, the team work, and the competition and she displayed that love in many sports – swimming, scuba diving, tai kwon do, triathlon, gymnastics and jazz. Stacey always strived to be the best she could be, and filled her life with joy and meaning.

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