Indus Ringette Camp

Aug 26th – 29th, 2019

Ages 6 & Up | Chestermere Rec Centre | 201 W Chestermere Dr; Chestermere, AB


Please choose your group based on where your child will be playing for the 2019-2020 ringette season.

To register and read more information: CLICK HERE

Where: Chestermere Rec Centre
When: August 26-30th 2019 
Who: U10/U12/U14
Cost: Please see below
If you have never sent your player to the camp before, it’s a fantastic way for them to get ready for the upcoming season, spend some time with their teammates and learn new skills from some of the top ringette players in the country. The instructors are the same players that make up teams such as the Calgary RATH, U19AA, Team Canada and many more!


Please note registration for this camp is completed through the Indus Ringette Association.  (This is a different setup from the other NRS camps).  They will only be accepting: EMT or WePay transactions. They will not be accepting any other forms of payment at this time. They will NOT be accepting installment plans with EMT. EMT Deadline is 1 week of your registration – failure to do so will result in the removal of your athlete’s registration. Fees will be as Follows (in accordance with NRS) + GST: Before Feb 28, 2019 $389 (Player) $184.50 (Goalie) Before March 31, 2019 $399 (Player) $199.50 (Goalie) After March 31, 2019 $419 (Player) $209.50 (Goalie) For Payment Inquires: For any other additional Information please contact

U10 – 2010 to 2012

  • Athletes born in 2010, 2011 and 2012 that have previously played in Active Start or U10
  • This full day camp, athletes will receive 10 ice sessions 
  • We offer a full day camp experience to those with only 1 to 3 years of experience that we hope will be a life time of enjoying the great sport of ringette.  This day camp is geared towards developing a love for ringette through fun-based instruction with a variety of games.  Athletes between the ages of 5 to 9 years old, relatively new to ringette are encouraged to sign up for this camp!
  • Skating experience is necessary as this will allow for maximum enjoyment of all the athletes within the group.
  • Please ensure that your athlete is capable to put on MOST of their own equipment as instructors may only be able to assist with tying skates for their ice times
  • This program includes 2 ice sessions per day so that learning athletes are not overwhelmed and can remain focused throughout the day. These sessions focus on the following:
    • Power skating techniques
    • Basic skill development
    • Rules of ringette
    • Basics of each ringette position
    • Teamwork
    • Scrimmage time
    • Fun
  • When the participants are off the ice they will partake in a variety of activities which will help them learn the rules of ringette, build teamwork and develop friendships in a fun environment


  • Athletes born in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Our intent is that two groups will be formed based on age and, in some cases, experience. Generally there will be an older group and a younger group. We will also take into consideration a player’s ringette experience, requests to be with friends and will try to balance the numbers of athletes in each of the two groups.
  • This program was created to enhance the development of technical ringette skills
  • This full day camp, athletes will receive 13 ice sessions that focus on the following:
    • Explosive skating techniques
    • Skill development and technique refinement: checking, accurate and effective passing, shooting
    • Defensive strategies, including body positioning, channeling and dominating the triangle
    • Offensive strategies, including deking and sniper goal-scoring techniques
    • Effective on-ice communication
    • Scrimmage time
    • Fun
  • Off ice activities are ringette focused and will include:
  • 3 fitness sessions
  • A nutrition session
  • Strategy and mental training sessions
  • Team building and co-operative games
  • Certain locations will offer off-ice shooting sessions.


On the ice, goaltenders will participate in drills with the whole group and will also get the chance to work individually with our top notch goalie instructor.  Skill instruction will focus on a variety of skills: skating, basic stance, glove positioning, stick save, butterfly and agility.  Goalies will participate in decision training drills and will also discover the keys to remaining flexible throughout the season.

Goalies will pay 50% of regular registration fees.


Please note we will only be accepting: EMT or WePay transactions.

We will not be accepting any other forms of payment at this time.

For any additional Information please contact

Please CONFIRM Payment otherwise you are NOT registered which may affect your placement in our camp.

To register: CLICK HERE

For questions please contact our office at or call 403-284-5161.


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