Calgary Evening Programs

We are running a variety of Evening Programs in Calgary for the summer of 2021. 

Below are a few important pieces of information, as well as a link that will allow you to register.

Our 2021 Plan:

How the summer of 2021 will look is unknown.  We are truly hopeful that we will be permitted to run our evening programs this summer.  We believe that there are many families that are longing to be back on the ice and back with their friends.  This being said, the National Ringette School will be following all municipal, provincial and federal government regulations.  Therefore, we will be providing further instructions on procedures for attending camps once we are closer to those camp dates, as there will likely be some differences in how camps operate based on their location.

Our 2021 evening sessions will be smaller than in the past.  Previous years our groups were capped at 30 skaters and 4 goalies.  This summer we will have a maximum of 26 athletes (24 players and 2 goalies) and up to 4 staff per group.   These smaller groups will allow us to maintain a 30 person cohort, as this number was used in many locations as part of the previous restrictions.  If the restrictions allow for larger cohorts then we will approach those on the waitlist.  Our plan is to operate each group as their own cohort, such that they will not cross-over with other groups.  The exceptions to this would be to those staff that maintain social distancing and masking at all times.  

Covid Policy

Prior to the sessions…

Initial protocols for each session location will be sent out to parents and participants two weeks prior to camp.  Then a final email will be sent 2 days prior with any changes highlighted. 

Our sessions will follow the provincial and municipal guidelines for each location.  It is imperative that parents and participants understand that they will not attend if they are feeling unwell.  A daily Covid attestation will likely also need to be completed.

These protocols will be reviewed with parents and participants upon drop off on the first day. 

During the sessions…

Protocols will be reviewed with each athlete and parent upon sign in on the first day.  Instructors will provide reminders throughout the day as well.  

However, we reserve the right to remove any athlete or family from the sessions if we feel that these policies are deliberately not being followed.

If an athlete develops symptoms of Covid throughout the session, that athlete will be asked to leave.  If the athlete is unable to return to the sessions due to illness, refunds will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Contact us at or 403-284-5161.

Administration fee:

This $45 fee appears at checkout for all activities.  Unfortunately our system does not permit us to change the fee based on each activity.  However, we wish to indicate to you that when you purchase an Evening Program there is a $10 fee per order that is non-refundable if programs are cancelled due to Covid regulations or arena closure.  It will be added at the checkout. It is used to cover expenses incurred to allow registration to occur, such as transaction fees, payment processor fees and other expenses.  If a participant cancels due to a medical condition, with a doctor’s note, the fee will be reimbursed.

Example: You purchase the U19 August League: cost is $55+taxes. 

At checkout it will appear as $10 + $45 Admin Fee + taxes.  In the event that the program gets cancelled you get refunded $45+taxes.