What We OfferNRS-Crest-Small

Athletes who attend a National Ringette School camp will learn how to skate faster, dominate the ring, perfect passes, score more goals, stonewall forwards, and be an aggressive player.   We also teach how to remain calm and confident in your most important games.

Goaltenders will receive specialized instruction from top calibre goalies. Skill instruction will focus on skating, basic positioning, reaction time, ring distribution, and agility.

Our comprehensive off-ice program is integrated into each group’s curriculum.  This program includes nutrition education, mental toughness training, fitness, strategy development, recreation activities and lots of fun!

Camp start and end times vary by city and location.  Typically camp days will start between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m and will end between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.  A general schedule will be given out to participants within one month of camp start date, with a detailed schedule being provided on the first day of camp.

On The Ice

We have developed an on-ice curriculum that allows for maximum participation from each athlete throughout the ice session.  The National Ringette School drills are designed to allow for ample one-on-one time between athletes and instructors.

Each ice time will begin with warm-up activities.  The athletes will then be broken into sub-groups (based on a variety of factors such as age/ability) and participate in drills at various stations.  They will spend between 30 – 45 minutes rotating through these stations.  The last portion of the ice time is allotted to full and half-ice activities involving the whole group.

During all sessions we challenge athletes to strive to reach their individual skill potential while fostering a positive and enjoyable environment.

Camp Groupings

The National Ringette School is proud to offer the following groups to choose from this year: Beginner Bunny, U10, U12, U14/U16, Top Gun and High Performance Conditioning.  (Availability varies by location.)  To read about the features of each group click here.

Throughout the week each athlete will be a part of a specific group/team.  Each group has a minimum instructor to athlete ratio of 1:10.

Instructors will be present prior to each ice time to assist the athletes, especially the youngest group, who need help tying their skates and snapping on their helmets.  They will also be teaching the athletes the many benefits of the “buddy system” which encourages athletes to assist each other with their equipment needs.