Why I Love Ringette – Part 1

We were overwhelmed with the number of responses we received for our “Why I Love Ringette” Contest!  This made choosing the winners very difficult.  Thank you to everyone that submitted a response.  We are going to take the time to highlight all of those that participated by putting out a Ten Days of All The Ways “We Love Ringette”.

Day 4 – Part 1  (See Part 2 for more Day 4 entries)

Katy B – 14 years old; North Van, BC

I have been playing Ringette since I was four, and skating since I was fourteen months old. I practically grew up on the rink. Besides being at home or with my friends, my number one escape from life is Ringette. I love Ringette because almost every season new players come and join our team and we almost immediately become friends. I love the intensity of the game, especially we are playing a team we can rarely beat. I play for a team that hadn’t won in a long time, but we still loved playing, no matter what the score was. Now, this season, we are the best U16 team in the Lower Mainland. We are proud of this, and plan to keep our spot in the standings. When I first started playing Ringette, I hated it. I wanted to figure skate. Looking back on that now, I keep asking myself, ‘Why did I even consider figure skating?’ I love Ringette now, and wouldn’t miss a game for anything.

Sara P – 9 years old; White Lake, ON

I love to play ringette because I like to win, its super fast, I love hanging out with my friends and playing against my other friends! I like to score goals and also play defense and try to keep the ring away from my own goalie! I don’t ever give up and I hope to play ringette forever!

Emily C – 6 years old; Fort McMurray, AB

I love Ringette because I love to skate with my Daddy (Coach) and Playing fun games with my friends.

Ryleigh S. – 11 years old; Whitby, ON

I love ringette for many reasons. The main reason why I love this sport is because when I was younger I loved watching my aunt play, and I was fascinated by how fast and how well her team could skate. When I was five I started to play and my aunt and grandpa were my coaches and that made my first year super special.

Another reason why I love ringette is because it’s a fun and easy way to make friends. I met my best friend because of ringette and I made many other great friends too.

My third reason why I love ringette is because it’s a fun way to stay healthy. Instead of having to do boring exercises to stay fit you can work out and enjoy yourself at the same time.

My next reason why I love ringette is because it’s a unique sport that is not too popular, so when people ask me what the game is about I’m very proud to tell them that it is a great team sport and that it’s the fastest game on ice.

My fifth reason why I love ringette is because it makes me feel good to go out on the ice with a great group of girls and score goals, and better yet make great passes to get assists. It also makes me feel good because it brings joy to my family. My parents and grand parents love to watch me play and it’s great fun for the whole family.

I could go on with this for days but these are just a few of the reasons why ringette is my favourite thing.


Olivia F. – 9 years old; Ayr, ON

I love everything about Ringette! I love skating, shooting and passing and scoring. I love crossovers, I love playing with my friends!

Olivia L. – 3 years old; Douglas, ON

Hi it’s olivia and I’m 3 this is my very first year of ringette. I love ringette because my big sis is on the same team as me and I get to make new buddies. I even help mom with my pink equipment she has 3 of us (2 in ringette) so 2 to dress, baby brother is usually in stroller in dressing room ha. Last year I did CanSkate and was crying on the ice and mom and dad had to get on ice and help so I’ve came along way, so playing as a team really helps. I even have a pink mouth guard with my name on it and we play for the bunnies so it’s super cool and sing chants. After practice we get a treat at the arena that’s the best part. We watch our older neighbour’s play in big games, some day that will be us out there. Love Olivia xo

Jadyn L. – 6 years old; Douglas, ON

Hi I’m Jadyn, this is my first year playing ringette last year I did CanSkate so it’s different because it’s a team sport. I love ringette because I get to play and help my little sister.  We are on the same bunny team. I take off my ballet tights, dress myself and get all my own equipment on. So helps mom and helps me be more independent and responsible. We are new to the ringette world but both of us love it we got all new pink equipment as we play for the bunnies and we sing the cheers all the way home in the car. Can’t wait for next practice! Love Jadyn xo

Jace C. – 10 years old; Kitchener, ON

I love ringette because its fun! I have made some great friends and meet new ones all the time. It’s fast and I love being a ringette player!

Claire C. – 17 years old; Ottawa, ON

I’ve been playing ringette ever since I was 3 years old (I’m 17 now) and I’ve played for West Ottawa Wild the whole time. I can remember playing bunnies and my headband went over my eyes and I was too shy to ask the coach for help so I skated around blindly until one of my coaches skated over and helped me see again. I can remember the first time I strapped on goalie pads and took to the ice. My team was so happy that someone finally wanted to play nets. Now I play Belle A, my coaches lead us through the blindness, and my team is still so thankful I’m there in the net. No matter how old I was, ringette was always the same. Ringette to me was where I met my role models and my best friends. I love ringette because to me it’s more than a sport it’s a way of life, a sense of community.

Haley F. – 10 years old; Red Deer, AB

I love ringette because I get to meet new friends, skate,score goals AND I love my coaches. Ringette also helps build my confidence and helps me not be so shy. I also love staying in hotels and seeing new places. Ringette makes me happy.

Julia D. – 10 years old; Mitchell, ON

Not only is ringette the fastest game on ice, it’s the best sport ever! I love ringette because it has lots of teamwork and I love working on a team. I love playing with new partners. I love learning new things like flip shots and wrist shots. I love skating fast!

That’s why I love ringette!

Christina R. – Ringette mom; Cote St Luc, QC

It’s a true team sport. You have to play together and have a strategy to bring the ring up the ice. Ringuette Rules!

Jacque W. – Ringette parent; Terrace, BC

I love ringette because it brings our family together! Both my kids play on the Terrace team, they have cousins who play on a team 8-hours away, but when there are tournaments we all get to meet up, and often the kids grandparents will also go to the tournaments from another town as well, so ringette season is family season! (And I love how excited the kids are to play!)

Carmen P. – 43 years old; FINLAND

I am 43 years old and just started playing ringette again two years ago, thanks to my daughter (who is 8, but started when she was 4).

Even now all I can keep thinking is, “Why didn’t I start again sooner?!” Nothing would make me happier than being able to strap my skates on every single day and get out on the ice.

The game has changed a lot since I was a kid in Canada – and well, learning ringette in a second language (Finnish) is not so easy. The learning curve is steep and I am finally seeing results. I also have great teammates and as a team, the only way is up. We’re doing so much better than before. Almost all of us are over 35, which proves that ringette is a game for anyone and everyone.

I want to emulate one of my former teammates, she called it quits last season at the age of 65.

65 and still playing, that’s something to shoot for!

Cecilia D. – 20 years old; Ayr, ON

Ringette has taught me a lot, from teamwork to leadership.

I started at the age of 5, after learning to skate in the figure skating program. Let’s just say once I got a stick and a ring, I never looked back!

Playing in my small town in southern Ontario (Ayr) until U12 and then playing for Cambridge the rest of my career at the provincial level, I not only became a competitive athlete, but also a team player and hard worker.

I am now proudly the captain of my University of Guelph Open A team in only my second year with the team.

Ringette to me is more than just the playing aspect. I have taken the opportunity to help coach several teams ranging from learn to skate all the way up to U16AA. Been a referee, minor official and am now on the Board in my hometown as the Chair of the tournament and communications person. So far my biggest accomplishment is applying to host the University Challenge Cup at the University of Guelph and I am still waiting to hear back about whether or not the bid was won.

Overall, Ringette is apart of my life, it’s as simple as that. I can’t say enough about what this sport has taught me. I am a proud to be a participant in the fastest game on ice!

Scarlette K. – 9 years old; Calgary, AB

I love ringette because it is a fun sport that is just for girls.

Kiera M. – 8 years old; Regina, SK

Who doesn’t love Ringette? It’s awesome because how much teamwork you get to do with your friends, you get to plan out plays and have practices. And have team cheers on the bench. It’s my passion because I love skating, passing, I love my stick and all the equipment you get to wear. I love ringette!!

Cassie P. – 10 years old; Sherwood Park, AB

I love ringette because of the friends I make. My favorite thing is to play games against other teams. I like learning new plays, new drills and fun games. I like that my Dad coaches me. I like the tournaments and events we do with our team – like bottle drives, swimming and just hanging out with my team. I also like going to ringette camp every summer. RINGETTE ROCKS!

Brynn B. – 7 years old; Sherwood Park, AB

I love ringette because it’s fun! There’s fun drills and I like playing games against other teams. I like to skate. It’s fun passing. I like to shoot and score on the net. It’s fun playing with the coaches. I like that my Dad coaches me. I like meeting new friends and being with them. I like playing goalie. My favorite position is centre but all the positions are fun. There’s so many fun games, like horse and buggy, sharks and fish, brittish bull dog, asteroids, and it’s fun to create new things to do. I like when we get to skate with the parachutes on at practice and I like playing flag tag, it’s fun. It’s fun to learn new things and try new games.
That’s it.
(I think my daughter thinks ringette is FUN 😉

Taylor B. – 20 years old; Vineland, ON

There are many reasons why I love ringette, and they are endless. So I’m not going to list off a bunch of reasons why I love this sport because most of the reasons I come to first, are the also the most common ones. Reasons such as, its fast, competitive and encourages teamwork are the most commonly used phrases when asked why we love ringette. So instead of just listing off the things that make ringette great, I’m going to write about what it means to me and how it makes me feel.

I play ringette because, even at 20 years old now, I am still that young girl who put on skates, picked up a stick for the first time, put on a helmet and stepped on to the ice only to fall irrevocably and unconditionally in love with this sport. I fell in love with the sport and have never looked back and never will. Ice is in my veins, my heart, and my soul. That feeling that I get when I know that I’ve worked my hardest, put every single effort forth, and succeeded is the best feeling in the world. There is nothing that beats it. The sense of accomplishment and teamwork is unmatched by anything else. The roar of the crowd, the anxiety before a big game, and the satisfaction of knowing that we deserve it after a big win are some of the best things to experience knowing that I am doing what I love to do. Everything has been worth it to become the athlete that I am today. All of the long hours of practice, the coaches that have pushed me past my limits and continue to push me, the teammates who have believed in me, and have believed in the team, the fans who have cheered for us in numerous tournaments, regionals, and provincials; all of these have the biggest impact on who I am today. This sport demands high levels of speed, agility, coordination, balance, precision, and teamwork, and trust, especially in the higher levels. I am proud to be a ringette player. We are fewer in numbers then most other sports I can think of. But we are also mightier, stronger-willed, we know the true meaning of teamwork, on and off the ice. No matter what our age or skill level is, the sport that we play brings all of us together and tournament weekends are almost like coming home. The ice rink is a second world, where nothing else matters. I have not traveled the world, but I can say that I have been to over 100 different ice rinks all over the province of Ontario and to me, that is more than enough. The sound of skates gliding across the ice is music to my ears. I don’t just want to play; I need to play. This sport is just as much a part of me as anything. Everything I have learned throughout life, I have learned on the ice. My favourite part of who I am is the person that I become when I strap on skates. Ringette is truly in my heart and in my soul. Without this sport, I would not be complete. It would be equivalent to not having food, or water. If I had never gotten on the ice when I was 5 years old, I would have missed out on what has become a defining characteristic of who I am. Perhaps a quote can explain what ringette means to me better than I can. “Skating…it’s a sense of power, and of command over distance and gravity. It’s an illusion of no longer having to move, because the movement is carrying you.” There is nothing quite like the exhilaration whenever I arrive at an arena to play ringette. This is the real reason why I love ringette, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.


Kaimlyn C. – 12 years old; Red Deer, AB

Why I Love Ringette
I think that a lot of loving the game Ringette comes from the people you meet and the experiences you get to have. One place where I have lots of memories from Ringette is at the RINK.
Ringette is INCREDIBLE!!! I love the feeling of scoring goals and defending the net from a goal its a feeling that lots of people don’t have a chance to have so I feel very lucky to enjoy it.
I find as a player that Ringette its a very detailed and cool sport. I absolutely hate when people compare Ringette to hockey because they really are so different.
I love scoring GOALS. Everyone does. I love the anticipation of the crowd when the ring is just right over the goal line and I love the cheering when you shoot a top shelf wrist shot, it makes you feel proud and special.
Playing Ringette doesn’t always require you to be playing the sport. I’ve watched my coaches play and my younger sister play. It’s ENTERTAINING and fun to be able to see the rink from a spectators point of view and not just on the ice.
When I play Ringette I feel all of the emotions, sadness when you lose a game, anger when you get a penalty, happy when you score a goal and nervous during a gold medal game; but all those emotions make the game that much more TERRIFIC because all of those feelings together create a fun enjoyable season.
Teamwork is one of the most important parts of Ringette. It doesn’t matter if you are the best skater or the worst shooter if you can work well with others and everyone likes fun, sociable people.
There is a tremendous amount of EFFORT needed for Ringette. “If you don’t try you won’t get anywhere.” Is what I tell myself while on the bench before I get on the ice.


Day 3 – Part 1

Rebecca L-M. – 11 years old; Eastern Passage, NS

I love ringette because I am goalie and I’ve made friends from 3 different areas that all play on my team. I am a goalie and my coach teaches me how important my job is from stopping shots to making sure my centre doesn’t out run the shot clock. I got to travel more and play teams from NB and PEI! It’s different than hockey and you have to work so hard to play the game. I was 7 when I started and I could hardly skate and my coaches taught me how to skate and play the game. I like that it’s almost an all girl sport. I love how my mom gets so excited to see me play. Her and my dad work extra to get me on the ice and it’s like our whole family’s favourite thing to go to the rink and cheer me on. Ringette gave me some courage to try new things and meet new people and I love teaching people what it is, they always ask me if it’s like hockey.
It makes me happy.
I tried goalie once now it’s my favourite thing!!

Maddy W. – 11 years old; Dartmouth, NS

I love ringette because….. I love skating and being on the ice with my teammates. My teammates encourage me to be a better player. My team has a strong bond and I don’t know what I would do without them. I love fooling around in the dressing rooms and singing songs. At every practice or game I learn something new from my coaches or teammates even if it has nothing to do with ringette. I love the feeling when you score a goal and your team surrounds you giving you high fives and hugs. I love the feeling when you skate the ring out of your end and make a good pass because everyone cheers and says good job. The rink is truly like my second home and I love it.

Cate W. – 10 years old; Halifax, NS

I love ringette because it’s so fun and I love how you have to pass and you have to not go in the crease. It’s way better than hockey!

Ashley W. – 11 years old; Nepean, ON

Hi Ashley, I play AA Nepean Ravens (petite u12) I’ve been playing ringette 4 and a half years. I love to play ringette because having the adrenaline of getting a goal or stopping a play in your end. I play defence. I have an amazing goalie but when I stop a break away, then getting the ring passing it over the blue line then skating up the ice with your centre and getting the pass over the second blue line and winning the game having the crowed go wild it’s an amazing feeling. My team just won the Oshawa tournament (gold) and taking off our helmets all sweaty knowing we work as hard as we could and when your name is called by your coach and you skate over, the medal is put on you and you skate and do your victory lap and your team photo is taken and put on the website. I have amazing friends on my team that were on my team last year and years to come. Here is why I love ringette!

Reagan B. – 15 years old; St. Albert, AB

I have been playing ringette for 8 years now and it never gets old. Every practice, dryland, game, spin class, or team activity I go to I’m always excited. I love ringette because it is an escape from everything going on in life. Ringette makes me feel like I am in a whole different world with different people, it makes me feel like a different person, in a very good way. I love ringette for the competition and the passion everyone plays with. My team is my second family, I can go to them for anything I can be myself around them. Everyone is happy and everyone loves it! Ringette is not just a sport for me it is my life, it runs my life, in a great way, it keeps me up when I’m down and it helps me through tough times! I love ringette because it is my life!

Sarah B. – 18 years old; Montague, PEI

I love ringette because its a really fun sport and you get to experience lots of team work though the sport…. The coaches are awesome!!!! AND ringettte is so open to NEW players!!!!!!

Sierra M. – 12 years old; Dapp, AB

I am writing this to tell you why I love ringette. My name is Sierra Mitchell. I am 11 years old, my level is U12. My love for ringette started in Grade 4 when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to come try ringette, I said sure. I went to come try ringette and instantly fell in love with it and told my mom to sign me up. From day one it was so fun and I still love it into my third year. I want little ones to think of me as a hero. I have friends in ringette. I breathe, live, love skating but I wasn’t always a good skater but ringette helped me get really good. I put myself to the test to see if I was worth it and I am. I love it because it makes me be me so when I am on the ice nobody will hurt my feelings. I love it because I get to go to these awesome ringette camps and meet new friends and have lots of fun too. And every time I am at a ringette practice I put my skates on with pride.

Hannah D. – 7 years old; Calgary, AB

I love playing ringette because I love skating and I like to pass the ring to my team mates. Its fun being with my friends. When someone scores we all high five, that’s fun.

Annika S. – 10 years old; Red Deer, AB

I love that ringette is a team sport, and that you make so many friends playing it. Everyone tries their best, and sticks together. Ringette is an amazing experience, and when everyone says, “Hockey is the hardest and fastest game on ice,” it isn’t true. Ringette actually is the fastest game on ice, and has the hardest rules. So take that, hockey players!

Ivy B. – 13 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love ringette because it’s a team sport, you make lots of new friends and it’s exciting!

Ringette is a team sport not only because you are on a team but, because you have to work as a team. You need your team to make passes over the blue lines, you need your team to get open, you need your team to pass the ring around the other teams triangle to generate offense and you need your team to make the triangle.

There is no best player in ringette, you can be a great player but without your team’s help you would never get those goals and those great passes. I have so many great friends from ringette because we work together. I can’t imagine not having all those great friends.

My life would be boring without ringette, there would be no excitement! Ringette is a fast paced, exciting game. Playing in overtime, scoring a goal to tie it up with just a few seconds left and tensing when the other team hits the post or almost scores it so exciting and fun!

Overall ringette is a great sport because it brings passionate girls together, it involves a lot of teamwork, you meet new friends and its it a fun exciting game for all ages. That’s why I love ringette!

Michaela M. – 10 years old; Fort Saskatchewan, AB

I love ringette because you are able to make new friends and play your heart out and get your energy out on the ice. You can be loud and have lots of fun. You get to travel lots and miss school to go to ringette tournaments and games. I like moving up levels from U9-U10-U12 which is the level I am at right now.
I hope you enjoyed my letter that I sent to you.

Ella R. – 10 years old; London, ON

I was never really good at sports. I had to learn how to skate when I first started and ringette last year. Ringette helped me make new friends.I play ringette and now I have lots of new friends and I am part of a team and I love to skate. Now I always look forward to practice and games because I am part of a team that needs me. I hope to play this sport for many years because I am only ten. So I hope that I win this prize so I can improve even more.

Rose B. – 12 years old; North Bay, ON

There are many reasons to love ringette, but I have one main reason why I love this sport. It is a team sport. I love being on a team, I love the way that you and your teammates seem to think as one. You always know what they are going to do if you know your team well enough. It’s funny, teammates often become best mates and you all win or lose as a team. No one is ever left out in this sport! I also love ringette because it is an active and fun way to end or start your day. At the rink no one ever is a benchwarmer, no matter your skill level. The entire point is to have fun and play for the joy of it. That is why I love my most favourite sport in the world, Ringette!

Chantal Q. – 32 years old; Timmins, ON

I love ringette because it is a fun, affordable and social game. The girls on my team are very supportive and encouraging. I hope me have a healthier life style and it really is a good team sport. Everyone has equal opportunity to play as you need multiple players to get the ring from one side of the rink to the other.

Mary B. – Ringette Mom; Red Deer, AB

It only makes sense that I love ringette. After all, I was born in 1963, the same year as ringette, and my hometown is just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from Espanola, ringette’s home town. But that’s not why I love it. I’m not the least bit sporty. Can’t skate to save my life. Nope, I’m no ringette player. My daughter however, now she’s a ringette player!
Sally got invited to a Come Try Ringette event many years ago. She had a blast. She totally sucked, but she had a blast. We signed her up and I took my place in the stands. There weren’t many single parents there so I made it my mission to cheer loud enough for two parents. Sally didn’t give us much to cheer about in those early years. Although she was one of the better skaters on the ice, she would not battle for a ring. Apparently I’d taught her to share just a little too well! She was definitely one of the weakest players out there, but that didn’t stop her having fun, and it didn’t stop me cheering. Every one of her teammates earned a nickname based on their name or personality or style, which led to their own, personalized cheer and I never shut up cheering them on! One year, when I was jersey mom, it became part of our pre-game ritual, for me to lead the girls in each individuals cheer as I handed out each jersey. Talk about team spirit! We won provincial gold that year. “We”!
Somewhere along the way, someone threw Sally into the goalie net, and there she found her groove. Before we knew it, she’d moved from playing in the C division for Red Deer Ringette, to playing for the Central Alberta AA Ringette Club. But, I couldn’t leave the ringette family we had in Red Deer, so I continued to go to the Red Deer games and cheer on ‘my girls’. And I came up with a whole lot of new nicknames and new cheers for my new ringette girls. Double the fun!
Over the years, attending practices and games, helping out with fundraising events, spending weekends in hotels at tournaments, travelling across Canada and to Sweden and Finland watching Sally play, I got to know more than just the girls, I got to know the other ringette families, and they became my closest friends. Four years ago, when my mother was dying, it was other ringette families who took my kids in, so I could go and be with my Mom. My father died 2 weeks ago. It’s been ringette families ringing my doorbell with flowers and food. And the most amazing part of this? My daughter isn’t even playing this year!!! She ‘hung up her skates’ last year after Nationals. Well, maybe. She’s missing ringette a lot.
I miss watching her, but I’m not missing ringette. If you’re at a Red Deer game, you may hear a crazed woman yelling “It’s a Hailstorm!” every time Hayley has the ring, or a “C’mon Bulldog!” when Grace is chasing a ring into the corner, or even a bad rendition of the Spiderman theme song if our very own Spidergirl, Charlotte should score a goal. And at a Central Alberta Sting game, be on the lookout for a “Pluister Booster!” a “Mac Truck!”, a “Mad Dog!” or a “Sniper!” cheer. Oh, and by the way, don’t be surprised if you hear a “CAIN….ERRRR!” while you’re trying to relax over the Christmas holidays. Don’t you know, Kelsie Caine, a Red Deer / Central Alberta Sting alumni will be playing in the Worlds in Helsinki? And you better believe, this household will be awake, watching on the internet, cheering her and her teammates on! Because those ringette girls, they are all our family.
Yup, I definitely love ringette.

Day 2 – Part 1

Demitria K. – 11 years old; Medicine Hat, AB

Ringette is a game that anyone can play and be apart of a team. I love ringette because I get to meet and play with different girls. It is a game that you depend on all the players to be able to make goals. You have to pass over the blue lines. You have to be able to stab the ring and many people do not know how hard it is to do that. You have to set up plays to be able to weaken the defense to get a shot off. It is a fast paced game of skilled skating and passing of the ring to other players. I love that I get to go to national ringette camps in Calgary. I get to practice and learn with girls that I play against in the league and become friends. I get to learn skills from ringette players who play on national teams. That excites me because I would like to be on a national team one day. Ringette teams do a lot of team bonding exercises. I love that we get to mentor young ringette players in our community. I love ringette!!

Kate E. – 12 years old; Calgary, AB

The Top Ten Reasons I Love Ringette:
10. I get to bond with other girls my age
9. I can push my self to try harder
8. I can get support from my coaches
7. I get to meet new people
6. I learn from others
5. I can go to out of town tournaments
4. I get to join a team
3. I can be myself
2. There’s practices for me to improve
1. I have fun every time

Taryn A. – 12 years old; Prince George, BC

I LOVE ringette because it is so fun. Making friends, scoring goals, teammates, and just the game is fun! It is challenging but I still get through every game, and practice! I have played since I was six and I never stopped playing! I am a denfenceman the best part is I help stop all goals! Ringette is my love. If I could marry it I would! I LOVE RINGETTE!!!!!!

Payton W. – 11 years old; Spruce Grove, AB

I started to ringette when I was five. I could barely skate across the ice! At first My parents didn’t think I should play ringette but my coach said I’d be fine. I didn’t know what to think at first but I knew one thing: I wanted to be like the older girls on my team. You know the faster more experienced girls. By my third year of bunnies, I always felt like I was a leader. Always scoring goals that kind of stuff. Even though I’m the only one on the ice it’s still something my family enjoys! In the stands you can always see my mom, dad and even brother! My family is always encouraging me to do my best along with my teammates. If my mom and dad had never put me in ringette I would never be where I am today! Now I’m at my seventh year of ringette and I’m assistant captain! I am always being told people look up to me which makes me try even harder!! Being at an A level, you always have to do your best even when things don’t look good. Speaking of doing your best, one of my favorite things about ringette is the speed of the game! I even believe it’s faster than hockey!!! Whenever someone beats me to the ring, I always think: next time I will get them! Which leads me to my next reason why I love ringette. The competition level. When you’re A player the competition, level is really high. If you truly love ringette like I do, you will go for every ring there is. I also try my best at every possible second in the game. And finally my third reason why I love ringette is making friends! My team is basically my family. I love them to death and will always have their backs. And that’s why I love ringette. I enjoyed writing this and will continue to play ringette for a long time with no regrets. Ringette has made me proud of who I am, and I wouldn’t ever quit. Thank you for making my Ringette dream possible. I hope you understood my reasons.


Carly O. – 14 years old; West Kelowna, BC

I love Ringette because it means being a part of something. If you are a player you are part of just not a team, but a family. I love seeing people that make me happy and making new friends and helping people that don’t understand something or that can’t skate. I also love it because when I’m on the ice all my stress and problems go away. Ringette is special to me because when I was playing it I learned how to skate. Also I like the speed of the game and its the fastest game on ice. And that’s why I love Ringette. 🙂

Jocelyn A. – 9 years old; Prince George, BC

I love ringette because you meet new friends you get to go to tournaments. On tournaments you get to go for supper with your team. You get to go on the ice and have Fun. The most important thing is to have FUN!!!!!! Games are super fun too! The coaches are Fun and are never bossy.
I am from Prince Geogre Ringette!

Saralynn L. – 12 years old; Burnaby, BC

I love ringette because of the teamwork involved. You need to help your teammates out by passing to them over the blue lines and setting up for one timers. You help out by aiding someone who is getting checked, by being their support person. You lend a hand, and the teamwork turns into something, a strong woven trust cushioning something even more precious than a pearl. Friendship. Ringette is also my favourite sport because of the tight bond each team creates by the end of the season compared to the beginning. I love seeing how close teammates get, how they never leave someone out. There’s just something about that type of kindness that gives me happy shivers. The last reason why I love ringette is seeing everyone so dedicated, going to all of the practices and not skipping out on the 6:15am early morning practices. I like seeing people with good attitudes and people who listen to the coaches and push themselves to get better. 🙂
P.S. I also like going to the summer NRS ringette camps! I’ve went for the last two years you guys came! It’s really fun.

Kyler M. – 9 years old; Chestermere, AB

I love ringette because I love being part of a team and have made great friends. I also love to score goals and skate fast. It is the best sport for me.

Robyn V. – 17 years old; Nepean, ON

I’ve been playing ringette for the past 14 years and I honestly have no other passion. I’ve been a goalie since I was 6 years old and all of my goalie coaches called me “that little goalie in the red jersey”. Ever since I can remember, everyone has told me that I have so much potential, and I’ve used that potential to be the best I can possibly be. My entire life has been ringette, over the past 14 years, I’ve made 14 different families, around 150 new sisters, and I’ve had coaches that have changed who I am for the better. Playing ringette has given me the chance to make lifelong friends who I will always cherish. I love the closeness ringette players have, we can be enemies on the ice, but if I run into another ringette player on the other side of the province, we’re automatically friends. I love the escape ringette gives me, especially in grade 12, I have a lot of stress when it comes to school and knowing I’ll be getting on the ice at the end of the day really helps me get through the day, and the second I step onto the ice, all my academic and social issues disappear and the only thing that matters is the ring. I love the high I get when I make a save, how the adrenaline just rushes to my head and I feel like I can do anything, I don’t know why anyone would ever do drugs when they can just play ringette. But most of all, I love this sport because it’s my life, it’s the reason I work so hard to recover from injuries, it’s the reason I wake up in the morning, it’s my reason to smile, and the reason I’m am who I am. I can’t possibly imagine my life without ringette and there’s no way I’d ever want to.

Kayla M. – 10 years old; Bedford, NS

I love ringette because it is a fun and exciting sport and I have met lots of amazing friends while playing it. It has made me a better skater and I have so much fun on the ice.

Tatiana B. – 10 years old; Edmonton, AB

When I whip the ring passed the blue line and it connects perfectly with my teammate I love ringette. I love the speed of the game and the relationships that I make. It makes me faster, stronger and more confident.

Brynn M. – 6 years old; Bedford, NS

When I grow up I want to be a famous ringette player. I am going to work hard and skate fast. I love playing ringette because it is fun and I have lots of friends. 

Maxyme B. – 7 years old; Chelmsford, ON

I love Ringette because of the cheering! I was in hockey and I didn’t like it! I love ringette, I’m almost 7 but I love that it’s a team sport and I have lots of fun with the girls. They always pass the ring to me!

Mickayla B. – 17 years old; North Bay, ON

I love ringette because it’s always there to keep me busy and to help out my stress.

Faith N. – 14 years old; Cambridge, ON

I love ringette because I feel part of such a tight community that’s so inclusive. I love how everyone is on the same playing field because of the levels of play. Teams are not just teams but families. I feel so included and loved and I know that I could turn to my team for support no matter what! If someone is looking for that sense of community I strongly recommend ringette because it forces you to develop friendships and to trust each other. Love the sport 100%.

Cerys M. – 12 years old; Guelph, ON

I love ringette because of all the friends I made, every single person on my team is my friend, some better than others but all of them are my friends. We get along really well and always have something to talk about (ringette.) We get to know each-other so well because of ringette. Ringette makes friendships you will have forever. It’s probably because we have to rely on them on the ice so we end up relying them off as well. And that is why I love ringette!

Mischa J. – 7 years old; Prince George, BC

I love ringette because I get to have so much fun with my friends. I get to score and it’s fun being a goalie. I am better at ringette than my big brother he plays hockey and my mom makes us cupcakes at tournaments.


Julia S. – 16 years old; Toronto, ON

I love ringette for so many reasons, first off I was extremely shy before I started playing ringette 8 years ago. I wasn’t able to make friends easily and it was hard for me to join ringette at first because I was so shy but once I started playing I loved it so much and I started to make friends and I took those skills with me to school to help me make friends there as well. Another reason I love ringette is because it is much an amazing sport and every team I have been on has been like a family, no matter how long we knew each other it didn’t matter we are always there for each other.

Day 1 – Part 1

Kenadi O. – 11 years old; Pilot Butte, SK

Things I love about Ringette:
-being with my friends
-getting goals and assists
-checking other players
-the excitement I feel when I am going into a game

Tali D. – 10 years old; Baie-Ste-Anne, NB

Hi my name is Tali and the reason i LOVE Ringette is when I put on my equipment and get on the ice I feel like a new girl! I’m a shy and reserved girl and like everyone says when I’m on the ice I’m a new me!! I LOVE RINGETTE BECAUSE I FEEL FREE!!

Meghan S. – 19 years old; Corbeil, ON

I love ringette because of the sport itself. It is something so different than anything else. Plus since it is a smaller sport there is more of a sense of family and friendship than any other sport or school.

Cindy K. – ringette mom; Calgary, AB

I wasn’t sure if this was just for the kids but felt I needed to share why I, as a parent, love ringette.

The life long friends my daughter and our family have made, watching the excitement of your child in a game, the unbelievable progress you see year after year (the first year my daughter was literally a beginning skater and can’t believe how far she has come) but the number one reason why I love ringette is the huge smile I see every time my daughter skates by on the ice. It brings tears to my eyes as I type. How could you not love the thing that puts that much joy in your childs life!

Kiana D. – 13 years old; Baie-Ste-Anne, NB

I LOVE RINGETTE for the speed of the game!!

Leah M. – 10 years old; PEI

I make lots of friends. Have lots of fun playing games.

Shelley A. – ringette mom; Portage La Prairie, MB

I love Ringette because I loved playing and now I get to watch my daughter play and love a sport that I grew up with. We know we love it because our “vacation” each year is the weekend in Regina for our away tournament! We basically plan our lives around ringette during the season. No birthday parties, sleep overs, family gatherings or anything that interferes with ringette. As busy and exhausted as we get all winter running to the rink, two weeks after the season is over we are missing it and ready to go back.

Elodie O. – 13 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love ringette, it’s my favorite sport ever! I live for the feel of the wind on my face when I skate, and the joy I feel when I score or succeed to steal the ring. It makes you do your exercise and have so much fun with the girls on your team at the same time! Tournaments are the best though, you get to get to know everyone on your team better and bond. That is why my favorite sport is ringette, and I’ve loved it since I was 6.❤️

Katia O. – 9 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love ringette because it’s exciting. It’s exciting when the games are intense and close in score. Ringette is such a fun sport, more people should play it! Having fun with the girls on your team is the best part. I love ringette!

Sarah K. – 27 years old; Calgary, ON

Ringette has always been a steady pillar in my life. No matter which city I live in, what challenges I am facing, or how busy I become, ringette is the one thing that has always been a constant.

It is not only an exercise for your body and mind, it is nourishing for the soul. There is no personal drama on the ice, there is no room to be distracted, and there is no way to make it through a game without smiling with the girls that become your family.

I love ringette because it is just ringette. A fun, healthy, ‘leave it all behind and play’ world that brings you back to basics and leaves you with nothing but a smile and inner and outer strength.

Ella M. – 11 years old; Oysterbed, PEI

I love ringette because it is fun and fast! It is a great way to have fun with friends, I love games and seeing new faces every year.  Going to tournaments is super fun! Especially when we go away!!
I love learning new positions and doing the camp this past summer was awesome. I love ringette. It is the best.

Talia S. – 14 years old; Ottawa, ON

Why I love ringette? That’s a tough question. Is it the pace? Yes. Is it the people? Yes. Skating? Stabbing? Turning, crossovers, stopping? I love everything that has to do with the game. I like Reffing, skating, just playing in general. Ringette is my passion. It makes me happy. I even enjoy going to the 6:30am practices, but I would have to say that my favourite aspect is the speed. I love the feeling of the wind thru my cage as I speed down the ice. Having to be aware at all times and the adrenaline that comes with the game are the best. I love the heavy breathing and the effort that goes into making myself as good as I can be. If someone were to ask me this question in the future, my answer would be simple: everything.

Molly M. – 9 years old; Stittsville, ON

I love ringette because l have lots of fun and meeting much more friends and the enjoyment on the ice!

Abby S. – 13 years old; Winnipeg, MB

The reason why I love Ringette is because its such a fast paced game and I have made amazing friendships with the girls I play with!

Chelsea C. – ringette player and ringette mom; Leduc, AB

There are many reasons why I love ringette. Stepping out onto the ice for a game and taking those first few laps with the cool breeze flowing through my jersey, digging deep and pushing hard to keep control of the ring, cheering a fellow team member on from the bench or ice, watching my daughter go from a baby giraffe on skates to performing a perfect breakout…this sport is fantastic. I have played for many years and have always just enjoyed the calming feeling that comes over me when I hit the ice. BEST SPORT EVER!

Sarah B. – 19 years old; Clark’s Corner, NB

I love Ringette for one simple reason: it makes me happy. Everything about the unique and seemingly unusual sport makes me completely overwhelmed with happiness. What makes me so happy about Ringette is the fact that it isn’t just a sport — it’s so much more:
It’s the feeling of the wind as I skate as fast as I absolutely can; it’s the perfect conformity of my gloves to my hands after eight years of wearing them; it’s the instinct of, after being off the ice for months, getting back on the ice and feeling right at home; it’s the fact that no matter where I go or who I play with, there is a mutual love that is cult-like between all of the players; it’s the way that, even if I’ve never met those players before, we can bond over the game because the persona of the game itself larger than ourselves; it’s the weird way that the sport inserts a kind of constant need to better myself in and out of the arena; it’s the feeling of home that you get whenever I step into my hometown’s rink, never being able to forget the smell, the regular temperature, the hue of the lights in the dressing rooms and on the ice; it’s how my heart always felt during that first and last game of the season: terrified, wrenched, and amazed all at once; it’s the surprise of getting an unexpected goal that supersedes the effort that comes from getting a well-executed one, because in that moment, I know I did it for more people than just myself — it was in me to do it regardless; it’s being the underdogs and proving everybody else wrong; it’s becoming an unbeatable force because we deserve it as individuals and as a team; it’s the unexplainable experience that not everybody gets to have: winning a provincial banner, and knowing that we’ve made our teammates, coaches, parents and friends proud, but most importantly, that we’ve taken ourselves to new heights that we never thought we would ever reach and having proved to ourselves that the sky truly is the limit; it is coming to the understanding that I were born to play this sport, one that wholly embraces sportsmanship, self-confidence, diversity, teamwork, and being in a healthy state of mind, body, and spirit; and it is especially knowing that I will never find another sport or activity that will ever make me feel this way again.
For me, Ringette is happiness.

Madi D. – 14 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love ringette because of the adrenaline and excitement of the game. The speed of the players when they come in for a shot on me and I save it makes me feel confident. The friends I make and the coaches that help me to be a better goalie also inspire me to be a better person. Ringette isn’t just about being the best and winning all the time, it’s about trying your hardest and helping other people and enjoying what you do.

Claire M. – 9 years old; Calgary, AB

I love ringette because the friendships I have made are so deep we can never part. It is also because I can trust my teammates, and they are my best friends!!!!!! What I like about the game is we work hard, have fun and we look good doing it!

Josee C. – Deux-Montagnes, QC

Why do I love ringette? Wow… so many answers!

I was born the same year as ringette! I was in a swimming sports-program in school, and was also part of the gymnastic team… I skied, ran, danced, horseback rode, played volley-ball and badminton… by the time ringette came to the province of Québec, I was already well-established as an elite swimmer, so I never got the chance to play.

But when my daughters were born, my husband told me we would register them in ringette. I had played in the school gym during Phys. Ed classes, but had forgotten what it was. I told my husband: “Oh, they’re not going to like that!” Boy, was I wrong!!! LOL! Not only was I wrong about my daughters liking it, but about MYSELF! I very quickly fell in love with the sport…

EVERYTHING is fun about ringette! The camaraderie between the girls, but also amongst parents in the stands. I have been manager of both teams for 10 years now, and our circle of friends include the coaches from our association. We even go camping in the summer, or apple picking in the fall. We have become a big family. Needless to say, tournaments are a hoot with our gang!

Ringette is by far a better team sport than hockey, as it promotes playing as a team! You MUST pass to other players at each blue line, almost cancelling any “ring-hogging” behavior. The girls look for one another on the ice, they depend on each other, they use each other’s strengths…

The atmosphere in the room is always a happy one, as every girl is a friend, and every coach a mentor… the music is blasting, the laughter can be heard from 3 rooms down, the adrenaline is on everytime they step on the ice, how can you not become addicted?

Both my daughters are in a ringette sport-program in school now, and they just can’t get enough… 4 mornings per week at school, plus their team practices and games, and they still want more! I do the car-polling with one other family, and often stay to watch them. I could not even imagine life without ringette, and I hope they play for many years to come. I also tell them that when will come time to have grand-kids, should they be girls, I want to be an active ringette grandma!! LOL!

Thanks for promoting our beautiful sport… it is starting to really pick up in the province of Québec. We lose a lot of girls to feminine hockey, so it is doubly important to have visability in our province.

Lainey B. – 13 years old; Mississauga, ON

I love Ringette because it is my passion and it is the only sport that I TRULY LOVE! When I am upset I play Ringette, and it takes all my troubles away. I was introduced to Ringette at the age of 4, and when I found out my new Aunt , Kelsey, also played.  It brought me even closer to her, as I felt even more excited to play the game I love.

It is a sport for girls, and it allows me to grow as an individual and as part of a team- a skill I will have with me forever. One day, I hope to play on an NRL team, and that one day we will see the sport we love in the Olympics! Thank you Ringette School for this opportunity!

Cheers! Lainey- #Ringetteisfun!#ringetteforlife!


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