Why I Love Ringette – Part 2

Thank you again to everyone that submitted a response to our contest!  They are truly wonderful!

Day 3 – Part 2

Stephanie M. – 14 years old; Salmon Arm, BC

The reason I love ringette is because I love the exhilaration it gives me and I love bonding with the girls/boys! It’s my Favorite sport and I’d choose it over any other sport! 🙂

Brookelyn M. – 10 years old; Calgary, AB

I love ringette because of the team work, meeting new people and being on the ice with my new ringette friends.

Ashley H. – 15 years old; Renfrew, ON

I love ringette because of all the great friends you make along the way. You can get the opportunity to play for other teams, or play against your old team mates. Ringette improves your speed and hand eye coordination. I love ringette because you can go places and play and learn from different teams.

Arleen C. – 12 years old; Salmon Arm, BC

I love ringette because it is fun! In ringette I have met a lot of people! Ringette has helped me in skating and its fun to go to places I haven’t been too. I also love to meet new people. It has been sooo much fun to win as a team and lose as a team. Ringette is like the best sport in the world. I really want to thank all the people that have helped me get this far because first before I joined ringette I thought ringette was stupid. Now it is the best sport in the world!!! I want to say to all the people in the world that think ringette is stupid that they should just keep their mouth shut or like ringette. I would rather play ringette then go to the best place in the world! These are some of the reasons I loveeeee ringette!!!! If I just kept on going on the list would just keep on going. Oh I forgot I love the Competitiveness in ringette unlike hockey!

Emilie P. – 15 years old; Salmon Arm, BC

The reason why I love ringette is because of first of all, I get to play a very competitive game and in the mean time, my social skills have improved with the amount of time I’ve spent with my team. Also, I’ve had a massive boost of confidence. It’s always been hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. Keeping friends for me is easy but making new ones is a challenge, but throughout the years of playing ringette I’ve made strong bonds and have met people that make me comfortable enough to get myself out there, which by consequence has boosted my confidence. And that is why I love ringette.

Madison H. – 13 years old; Ottawa, ON

Ringette is the best sport ever. The first reason why I love Ringette is because it’s a fast, intense sport way faster than Hockey. The second reason is I get to bond with new teammates and make a bond so strong in 50 years from now I would still be able to recognize them. The third reason is I love the feeling of winning a tournament or a game doing well in a practice, the feeling of joy. I would not trade Ringette over anything its pretty much my life. That my friend is why I love the amazing sport called Ringette.

Courtney S. – 10 years old; Balgonie, SK

I love ringette because I get to be with my team and friends. Plus you get skate and have fun when you play. When I play ringette and I love to get assists and goals. I also like to help the people on my team that don’t know all the rules learn them and to do it right. I also enjoy that you make lots of new friends too! That’s why I love ringette.

Sydney D. – 12 years old; Salmon Arm, BC

Before I started the awesome sport of ringette I played hockey. My 5 yr old sister played ringette and I always loved watching her pass across the blue line, staying out of the crease and loving to play the game. In 2013-14, I started my first year of ringette and loved it! It took a while to get used to the game but in time and lots of help from encouraging teammates I quickly became an awesome player but still I need some practice. In my second year of petite I was so grateful to be given the opportunity to be assistant captain. This came as a big surprise and I wasn’t expecting it. Over the years I have learned to play center, forward , defense, and even goalie! I love doing crossovers and my powerful wrist shot. I have been so lucky to have had such a great, respectful, hilarious team this year and my sister to help me. But most of all I love being part of a team and I understand that it takes a whole team to win or lose. This is why I love ringette and thank you to the Shuswap Ringette Association and coaching for all your hard work.

Kaylah S. – 10 years old; Langley, BC

I love Ringette because I get to make new friends and I get to play as a team. I also get to have fun and I like playing the games.

Mallory J. – 15 years old; Brantford, ON

I love ringette because when I’m on the ice nothing else matters but to have fun. When I’m on the ice I feel fast and I feel like I have power. I love ringette because I get to meet new people every where I go. I get to go to places I’ve never been before, and I get to interact with other teams. I love ringette because ringette is not as much as a competitive sport like hockey is. I love ringette because my team is like a second family to me. We all support each other through thick and thin, and every game, practice and tournament we have we always have smiles on our faces. I love ringette because it helps me stay in great shape and it keeps me active. But overall, I love ringette because its all about having fun and making new friends. Creating new memories that will last forever. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but what matters is that you tried your hardest and you had fun. That is why I love ringette.

Michelle – 9 years old; ON

I love ring at because I play it.

Tristan R.- 6 years old; Airdrie, AB

I love ringette because it is a team sport. You have to pass over the blue lines and everyone can get involved in the play.

Sophia T. – 7 years old; AB

I love Ringette because I have made friends. We have a lot of fun together! My favorite time is at the end of the game when I am all sweaty. I have learned to skate better and my coaches are really nice. My favorite day is a ‘Ringette Day’!

Alli R. – 15 years old; Cambridge, ON

Because we get to kick butt and gain sisters while doing it 🙂

Chloee R. – 7 years old; Verner, ON

ChloĂ©e says”I love to play ringette because it is really fun and it makes my heart go really fast, I learned how to skate backwards and I made new friends!”.

Megan D. – 8 ans; Quebec, QC

Parce que c’est un sport juste pour les filles et que c’est super rapide et super le fun!

Nadia V A. – 9 years old; Straffordville, ON

I love ringette because it is a game that teaches you what teamwork really is. You learn that you need to count on and trust your team mates if you want to succeed. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to get better as a team but it sure can be a lot of fun and the best reward for learning teamwork is the great friends you make along the way.

Selena K. – 11 years old; Dartmouth, NS

I love ringette because it has helped me threw so much when my nan got dignosed with brain cancer. It almost seemed when I stepped on the ice my thoughts and the outside world were gone because I never came off the ice without smiling. Ringette is such an inspiration to me because I would be lost without it. I love ringette as much as my ringette stick loves the ring.

Kiara F. – Sudbury, ON

I love ringette because it is so awesome! I really ringette and I have lots of fun. I like to skate really fast and lots and lots and I like ringette. I like it because I feel like it’s fun to do it and I make lots of friends and like learning new things. I’m going to play ringette forever and when I get older all I want to do is play ringette and wear big skates because I’ll have big feet.


Day 2 – Part 2

Katia O. – 9 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love ringette because I love skating and working with my teammates. I do exercise on ice and I have fun with my friends. I’ve been playing ringette for five years and I don’t plan on stopping, I love ringette!

Alex M. – 13 years old; Calgary, AB

I love ringette because it is a unique sport. It is a sport where everyone can have a chance to get the ring and have fun. I love ringette because it’s based on team effort. The rules are different as well, we have a shot clock and only one team gets the ring instead of a face off like hockey. Hockey and ringette are similar but it takes so much more skill to catch a speeding ring without a blade rather than a puck and blade. Ringette is my fave sport and I love it because it’s so unique.

Jessica K. – 11 years old; Maple Ridge, BC

Ringette is my absolute favorite sport! My first memory from ringette is stepping onto the ice and face planting. I was five years old. Ringette is how I learned how to skate. I’m eleven years old now and I still play ringette because its one of my passions. I like watching ringette games on livestream.com and then going to practice and trying out the moves they do. I hope ringette is on television like hockey games one day. One of my favorite parts is how I can skate as fast as I can, feeling my hair whipping behind me as I pass the ring to my teammate, receive a pass back, shoot on the goalie and then feel the success of a goal with my team cheering loudly. Plus the other team scowls and have looks of defeat on their faces too. After a hard game played, I like to go out for dinner with my team and joke around and talk about strategy for winning the next game. A new team each year is always fun plus seeing my friends from previous years. Fast skating, shooting hard, playing hard and WINNING! like a boss is why I love ringette.

Emily P. – 11 years old; Souris, PEI

Because of the confidence I get when I score a goal the awesome friends I’ve made and knowing that no matter if I win or lose its all for the love of the game and of course making sure that even if I get a penalty or someone says something in the moment it all stays on the ice its all just a game a very fun game of ringette.

Claire K. – 16 years old; Airdrie, AB

Ringette is a very big part of my life and it keeps me busy a lot of the time. When I go to play, I can forget and take a break from everything else and just play. I go out, do my best and in return I get a clear head and a fun time. Ringette is something I can do do relax or get me hyped up. I love ringette and without it I’d have no clue what I’d do.

Brianna C. – 10 years old; Guelph, ON

I love ringette because I get to have fun with my friends. I also like going to tournaments because we get to play a lot and last year our team got to make a banner for the medal ceremony. In a different tournament, we slept over at a hotel in Niagara Falls. The team had a great time playing in the pool and all of our games were in a really nice arena. Last year I met a new friend and we had an end of year party at her house. She lives on a farm so we had a great time playing in the barn. We even played ringette in the basement. I love ringette because you get to have fun with your friends, go to tournaments, and make new friends.

Addison G. – 10 years old; Winnipeg, MB

I love ringette because of all the new friends i meet each year. Love the team aspect, working together. I have lots of fun win or lose.

Alexa S. – 12 years old; Red Deer, AB


As I skate I fly.
Shoot and check and feel alive.
If I couldn’t play I’d cry

Jessica J. – 13 years old; West Kelowna, BC

I love ringette because it is one of those sports that you can always get better at and I find every time I get on the ice I always improve with at least one thing. I also love ringette because I have made some really great friends and everyone on my teams have been really supportive.

Maya M. – 9 years old; London, ON

I ringette!

The reason I ringette is it is super fun and I have an Awesome team and an Awesome coach!

I love that I can play all positions and try out my flip shot!

Alex C. – 11 years old; New Haven, PEI

My name is Alex and I love Ringette because of my team. My team helps me grow as a player and make me feel good when I’m sad. I had an amazing team last season and I thought it could never be the same but then when October came around, my team this year is just as great. I find you get to know each other so fast and soon you’re having sleepovers together you never thought would happen! Even after my second game of the season, we had a pizza party that wasn’t awkward at all! I felt like I’ve known them my whole life. After that pizza party, we did fantastic at the tournament the next day, because we didn’t argue on the ice, we worked together and we had fun as a team! The coaches will tell you to go hard and they might yell a bit, but that just means they want you to improve. A team is like a second family that you can do fun things with, without arguing or getting in fights. With a team that didn’t do things together, didn’t get to know each other… then that team wouldn’t be complete. A good team is the glue that holds the game together.

I love ringette because of the game. Ringette is awesome because of the fun. I love the shot clock because it gets your adrenaline pumping and you feel like its now or never so you go faster. A good part is your line. You’re all feeling the same thing when the other team gets the ring! Defence; we have to get back. Center; I gotta go help my good pal defence back there! Forward; YESSSS A break for us!!! So you don’t feel like its all on you! Penalties are good but bad. When you get a penalty, you feel like you were working hard and a little chippy too. You feel like you worked hard but have to simmer down a bit. When the other team gets a penalty, you are so happy. A power play is the best thing in the world for you! Even when you lose, you can still be happy because you lost as a TEAM!!! And when you win, thats even better! I love ringette so much that I wouldn’t want to miss a game even if I was sick. Ringette is a game where you make friends, and your parents make friends too. So its a win win win.

I love ringette because of the help. There are so many camps and things that can help improve your skills. Sure, they’re hard and make you tired but you can lean a lot from it. I do a ringette summer camp every summer for one week and hey, I could be at the beach! But even though ringette is another 2 or 3 months away, I don’t want to lose anything. Its a great opportunity. Practises may seem like a drag but without them, you would be completely lost at a game! Even if you can’t do any of these camps, try shooting a ring in your basement, go to family skates or just try to go to as many team practises as you can.

All in all, ringette is one of my favourite things on earth and I hope that more people will start to play.

Iidia I. – 13 years old; Winnipeg; MB

Ringette is the greatest sport ever created for many reasons. First, it’s a fast paced sport that requires not only speed but skill. That skills is built with the team creating strategies for each play that are communicated, understood and practiced!
Second, ringette creates relationships and bonds for life! Players create tight bonds with team mates where you learn the true value of hard work, dedication and most of all friendship. The bonds made on and off the ice are incredible.
Lastly, ringette is a Canadian sport! Ringette is played in all provinces throughout Canada and we have proudly brought Gold home many times! Ringette is by far the fastest, most exiting, non-contact teamwork sport anywhere. Thank you Ringette for supporting me and helping me build confidence in myself so that nothing can stop me from achieving my goals!
Ringette is Canada’s #1 sport!

Mikayla C. – 12 years old; Calgary, AB

I love ringette mostly because of the girls. I have made so many friends through ringette. I also love the game. I love the feeling of the cold air blowing in your face as you race down the ice to get the ring. I love the feel of success when you get the ring from the other team and when you score a goal. I love it when you have just scored a goal, and when you rush back to the bench, your whole team has a smile on their face and they are so happy for you. That is why I love ringette!

Molly D. – 10 years old; Peachland, BC

I have played Ringette for 4 years and during that time I have made wonderful friendships with my team. It has taught me how to use teamwork on the ice and in my life. Being on the ice with my friends is so fun and I like how the coaches encourage us and work us hard. I would never be the Ringette player I am today without my coaches and my friends. I hope to play Ringette for as long as I can. I love how our new players fit in so well with our team. I get so excited when they get passed to or score their first goal! I am so fortunate to be able to play Ringette!

Addison M. – 7 years old; Rusagonis, NB

My name is Adisson I am 7 yrs old.

I love ringette because my mom plays it and coaches it. My aunt plays ringette. So I grew to love it and i play it too!

Hayley K. – 16 years old; Calgary, AB

When I first saw this question about why I love ringette, I wasn’t sure what to think. I’ve been involved with the sport for eight years, and I’ve seen every aspect of it, including being a coach, an official, and a player. In each different role, I’ve found something new that I love about ringette, so it was very hard for me to pick one thing about it that I love. However, I finally narrowed it down to three things: Friendship, Competition and Empowerment.

The first year I played ringette, I was nine years old. I remember that I couldn’t really skate, and I was very nervous about joining the sport, especially because I thought that everyone else was an amazing skater. On my very first evaluation, the coaches on the ice asked us to skate backwards to a cone and back, and I can remember thinking to myself that this was the absolute worst thing that could have happened. I had no idea how to backwards skate, but I put in my best effort. They ended up moving the cone for me, and I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t skate to the cone. I was sure that all the other girls would be laughing at me and making fun of me. But the opposite ended up happening. When I went back to my line, all the girls turned around and congratulated me on my effort, and they started talking to me about how nervous they were too. This experience made my whole outlook on the sport improve, as right away I had been included into the ringette family, and I had already made friends within one hour of being involved in the sport. I thought as I got older, and moved up age groups this friendly camaraderie would be removed, but I was wrong. I have never been on a team where my teammates and I weren’t close friends by the end of the season. The best part is that the friendship isn’t limited to just teammates though.
A couple years ago I helped to junior coach a U12 ringette team. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, because I was joining their team halfway through the season, but I was also very excited. The very first practice was at 6:30 in the morning, and I was preparing myself to be working with a bunch of tired little girls who weren’t going to be focused. However, they came on the ice full of smiles, and were ready to include me as one of their coaches without a second thought. It was an amazing experience to work with them because I not only got to see the transition of skill and ability in the players, but I also was able to watch as their friendships grew with each other, and also with me. This sport is so amazing, because it breaks down all the social barriers that we have in everyday society. Normally, someone who is “cool” and “popular” at school would never dare to talk to one of the students in band, but with ringette, those two girls could be best friends. As well, normally a fifteen-year-old girl would never spend her free time with a bunch of ten and eleven year olds unless she was getting paid for babysitting, but with ringette, the junior coaches are quite happy to volunteer their time to work with the younger children.
Even as an official, I notice the friendships created within this sport. This is my first year officiating, but I have received nothing but respect and thanks from the coaches and players, and I’ve gotten the chance to meet a bunch of new people the more games I ref. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time the girls from one team with strike up a conversation with someone from another team, even if they are supposed to be competing against each other, and to me that is amazing. When I talk about these things with my friends who play hockey, they seem so confused by this, as that would never happen in their sport.
Ringette doesn’t even stop the friendships within the sport. For the past couple of years, my team has organized some kind of charity activity, whether it was a coat drive, or wrapping presents for WINS or even raising money and being a part of the Calgary Breast Cancer Run For The Cure. By doing these activities, we’ve gotten the chance to meet people in need, and we’ve helped them. Doing these activities allows us the chance to feel good about ourselves, because we are helping others, and it helps us with team-building, because it is a way for us to spend time together outside of the sport. But it also gives us the chance to make connections outside of the sport, because we are helping random people who we would have never met by ourselves, and we can build friendships through those connections.
I love ringette because it allows us the ability to build lasting, meaningful friendships with people we would usually never get the chance to meet with.

My second reason for loving ringette is the competition. The sport is a great way to allow girls to play a competitive game in the winter without being afraid of injury or insult. When I was younger, I wanted to be a hockey player but I was always scared that someone would body check me and I would be hurt. Ringette is great because it allows the competitive part of hockey to come through, but it gives us the freedom to use our skills and brains rather than our size and brawn to play the game. I think that this makes the sport so much better because then anyone who wants to play is automatically equally skilled as anyone else, instead of being at a loss because they may be smaller in size than someone else. As well, it gives us a great outlet to compete with others, that doesn’t result in some sort of gossip or rumours. Generally speaking, if a girl wants to show that she’s stronger or better than someone, she will use her words to knock the other person down. Ringette gives us a safe outlet to compete with other girls, without the negative effects that rumours can have. As well, it is a way for us to prove that we can be competitive, and we can do something, which leads me to the empowerment part of ringette.

I think my favourite part of ringette, and the reason why I love it the most is because it empowers girls. I find that there are a lot of stereotypes in society that girls aren’t good for anything except cooking in a kitchen. We can’t compete, we can’t be athletes, we can’t be strong, we don’t know anything about sports, we are very “girly”, and we are never the heroes. Ringette, for me at least, is a way to prove those stereotypes wrong. A lot of the time, people are surprised to hear that I play a sport. They’re even more surprised when I say that I play ringette. People assume that because I’m a girl, I play the trumpet, and I have good marks in school that I couldn’t possibly be an athlete. When I say that I play ringette, they just laugh at me and think that I’m just too lame to play hockey, at least until I tell them what the sport is about.
Ringette is about female empowerment. It gives us an alternative to the male dominated sport of hockey. It allows us to compete in an environment without all the catty comments and rumours that are present in school. The sport lets us compete in tournaments that take us across Canada, which hockey doesn’t have. As part of the sport, we are part of a family of over 32,000 people across Canada. Our sport doesn’t rely on the brute force and star player mindset of hockey; it relies on the knowledge and teamwork of each player on the team. Ringette doesn’t bench people because they aren’t good enough, or they made a mistake. Instead we work as a team to improve our skills, and we work through all of our issues. Ringette is a way for us to prove that we can do more than cook in a kitchen, and that we are just as good, if not better, than our male counterparts. Every time I explain the sport, people seem to realize that I am worth something more than just to make a sandwich, or to clean a house. They realize that I can compete, I am an athlete, I am strong, I know about sports, and I am good at them, I can be the hero, and I’m not “girly”. The sport has given me a chance to counteract these stereotypes with new ideas about girls and what they can do.
As well, ringette gives people a chance to push their boundaries, and see how far they can go. For example, one of my classes at school is Mentorship, where we go to an elementary school and work with the students there for an hour. There was one girl I worked with who had a hearing aid, and she had difficulties in class because she couldn’t always hear the instructions, and she couldn’t always hear what people were trying to tell her. However, she joined ringette this year and the difference is amazing. She’s more outgoing, and she’s willing to ask for help if she didn’t hear what was said. She brags about the sport everyday I see her, and she always asks about my games and experiences. The sport has really allowed her to open up, and I think it has given her a sense of pride that she didn’t have before. In my opinion, no other sport would e able to empower her as much as ringette has.

I love this sport for so many reasons that there would be no possible way for me to write about them all, but I think the top three reasons that I love the sport is that it allows us to become friends with people from all over Canada, in any age group or social circle we want, it gives us a way to compete without using brute strength or one “superstar” player, and it gives us a sense of empowerment.



Day 1 – Part 2

Rebecca B. – 10 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love playing Ringette- as I have played since I was 3 years old! I started as a floppy fish, but quickly I learned to skate! Today I am a goalie for our U12 Regional Team in Mississauga, but also playing U12PP for Sudbury.

I love this game so much, that I eat, drink, sleep: ringette! I have all my friends playing, and it will be especially great when I get to go to Ringette Camp next year!

I hope to be a goalie in NRL- where I can continue to give back like Hallie Berry- my mentor. That is my dream!

Thank you Ringette for building my confidence, and allowing me to grow into a super kid with lots of friends! Ringette ROCKS!!!!!!

Alli F. – 8 years old; Surrey, BC

I love ringette because we get to slide on the ice in practices!

Kayla S. – 14 years old; Sault Ste. Marie, ON

I love ringette because it is a loving community where most teams get along, it’s one of the fastest games on ice, and most of all it involves the whole team to score. These are why I love ringette!!

Sieanna J. – 12 years old; Courtice, ON

I love ringette because of all the enjoyable times my team gets to have even though we haven’t won many games we still are having a lot of fun. Our team has rough times but we always love each other at the end. I also love ringette because all the friends I get to make. Ringette it such an amazing game.

Molly T. – 11 years old; Exeter, ON

I love everything.
Before every game I am so nervous and I can’t stop smiling.
I love meeting new people and learning new skills.
I also like that it’s a game for girls and that it has different rules then hockey. And I like that every year it gets harder and I like the challenge.
I really like everything.

Leah S. – 8 years old; Sherwood Park, AB

I love the sport, I also like the friendship. I really like that it’s easier than hockey!

Alyssa G. – 9 years old; St. Thomas, ON

My name is Alyssa. I am 9 years old. I have 4 reasons why I love ringette. My first reason why I love ringette is that now I know how to skate because before I played ringette I didn’t know how to skate. The second reason I love ringette is the chance to win awards and medals . The third reason I love ringette is because I made a new friend named Kayla she is awesome! My fourth reason why I love ringette is the teams we get to play against and how much fun I have!

Maxine, G. – 8 years old; St. Thomas, ON

My name is Maxine. I love ringette because I get to meet new friends and I learned how to skate. I also love ringette because my mom is my coach and sometime she falls at practice and it’s really funny! But she never gets hurt and always laughs.

Kennedy A. – 9 years old; Stony Plain, AB

I met a friend 4 seasons ago, I was 5 years old. We live in different towns but became best friends. Although this is the first year we are not on the same team we are still best friends and hope to be on a team in the future.
Next year I’m going up to U12 where I’ll get to make new friends.
It’s the greatest sport in the world.

Teagan E. – 14 years old; Port Coquitlam, BC

I love ringette because of how it feels to score a goal. I love ringette because I get to share something I love with people who love it just as much as I do. Ringette to me, isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion, it’s the thing I love most in the world and I love it because of the rush and the adrenaline of skating as fast as I possibly can to stop the other team from scoring. I love feeling apart of my ringette family, no matter how big or how small. I love the feeling of success after a much earned win, and sometimes even the losses where we fought hard and played with determination. I love the atmosphere and how exciting it is when I step into the rink, knowing I will try my hardest, push myself, and believe that we can win the game. I love the fun practices where we can just goof off and have fun, the practices where it’s basically us hanging out as our little ringette family. Most of all, I love the feeling of inclusion in the ringette community, people cheering me on, and myself cheering on others. I love Ringette because it makes me happy.

Jadyn L-B. – 11 years old; Port Coquitlam, BC

I love ringette because I love the feeling of scoring a goal. If my teammates score I am just as happy but a little happier when I do it. The main reason why I play is because I get to share playing my favorite game with my best friend Sarah every Wednesday night and every weekend . I also love ringette because when we go out of town for tournaments I can meet a whole lot of new teams that love the exact same sport as I do. Like for example when we went to Osooyos this year I saw the Vernon teams and one of the Kelowna teams. I saw the difference in between their line ups, their warm ups and their way of playing. One more reason I love it is because I go to a lot power skatings and camps. I especially love the camps because sometimes they are ran by my favorite BC Thunder players. I also have the best power skating instructor. Jodi is nice but she works you hard. That is why I play and love ringette.


Leah F. – 10 years old; Waterloo, ON

I love ringette for a whole bunch of reasons. I get to meet at least one new friend every year. Ringette gets me off the couch and active and it’s just a fun sport in general!!!

Brooke N. – 11 years old; Spruce Grove, AB

A cold breeze rushing past my face as I breath in brisk air. My long hair blowing underneath my black helmet. My face focussed on the ring as it slides across the slippery ice. My feet as fast as a gun, I fire across the ice. My mind full with feelings of hope. I cross my feet and make a perfect cross over. My stick raises as I snatch the ring. I focus my mind and look at the net. I point my stick to a perfect position. I pull back using all of the power in me. I pull my body forward and watch the ring glide across the ice into the net! My face turns bright, as I hear cheering through my ears. I squeeze my team mates and we all giggle with excitement. My passion is what forges me to do my best. I truly believe that you can always improve and if you believe… your dreams can come true. I like to say… I can, I will, I do. Anything is possible when you take the time to accomplish your dreams.

Chloe V. – 12 years old; Union, ON

I love to play ringette for many reasons but the ones that I am going to talk about are some of my favourites.

The first reason that I love ringette is because I love to play around with my teammates. That’s the first piece of the puzzle it’s what makes ringette fun.

The second reason that I love ringette is because of the sport. The sport is fun and it teaches young girls and some guys great sportsmanship and also makes you more comfortable talking to other people. That is the second piece of the puzzle.

Now the third and final piece of the puzzle is having a large amount of fun. The three years that I have been playing ringette, well, they were some of the best days of my life and those three years of my life have been spectacular.

Thank you so much for listening why I love ringette. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Ameya A.- 9 years old; Calgary, AB

Because it makes me fit, I can get stronger and stay healthy.  Also, I get to make new friends on a team.

Maureen C.- 35 years old; Red Deer, AB

I love ringette. I have been playing since I was little. I was introduced to playing ringette when I was in grade four.

Blaire C. – 7 years old; Sylvan Lake, AB

Blaire says she loves ringette because she loves to skate and get goals.

When Blaire got her first opportunity to try and get a goal she showed so much passion and competitive edge. After she got off the ice I complimented her desire to do well and score and she said to me ‘mom, I just wanted that ring so bad!!!

She truly loves the team play and the competition learning both to win and lose and always have fun and try your best. She was able to play goalie the first half and score her very first ringette goal in the same game. She said it was the best day ever!

I think she is hooked!

Bronwyn O. – 10 years old; Ottawa, ON

I love ringette because watching the play zoom down the ice and making split-second decisions just feels right.

Vittoria B. – 14 years old; St. Albert, AB

I love ringette for so many reasons. I have loved it since my parents started me when I was 4. I loved skating, saving goals, and scoring goals. I loved team breakfasts and parties. As I got older I loved the challenges the game brought and I loved that I was always learning new things. Win or loose I loved my team. They were family. The friendships that I have made in the 10 years that I have played are the most amazing. The Families and Coaches I have grown to know have been the most amazing supporters of me my whole life. I appreciate all my coaches so much for their love of the game and their dedication to the sport. Ringette has taught me about teamwork, sportsmanship, patience, support, desire, drive, kindness, organization, and leadership. Ringette has made me who I am today. A kind soul, that’s driven to dream, and meet her challenges head on one dream at a time. Go Pack!!!

Joline V.- 11 years old; Dieppe, NB

I love the frienships you make in ringette. The teamwork that is part of this sport and the speed. You need everybody on the ice to move that ring between every part of the ice.
Its awesome!

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