12 Days of Fantastic Teams – Winners

Congratulations to our 12 Days of Fantastic Teams winners! 

As a winner of this contest, each team will be featured on our website, on our Facebook page, Instagram, and on Twitter. They will also receive a $150 gift certificate to Subway. 


Day 1:

Pierrefonds U12 Lynx

DAY 1 - Adrian Mozejko - Pierrefonds U12 Lynx


Day 2:

Beaumont U10 Snowflakes

Beaumont U10-1 Snowflakes

Day 3:

Owen Sound U16A Extreme

DAY 3 Owen Sound U16A Extreme

Day 4:

Calgary NW U10 Wild Ringers

Wild Ringers Video

Day 5:

UBC Open A

DAY 5 - UBC Open A

Day 6:

Whitby U12 Wild

DAY 6 - Whitby U12PP Wild

Day 7:

Shediac/Cap-Pele U9 Red Minions

DAY 7 - Adele Leblanc - Shediac Cap-Pele U9 Red Minions

Day 8:

Buffalo Plains U10 White Phantoms 

DAY 8 -Kayla Thompson - Buffalo Plains U10 White Phantoms

Day 9:

Medicine Hat U12B Bandits

DAY 9 - Medicine Hat U12B Bandits

Day 10:

Portage U14 Thunder

DAY 10 - Portage U14 Thunder

Day 11:

Halifax U16B Hurricanes 

Hurricanes Video 

Day 12:

Macdonald U12B

DAY 12 - Macdonald U12B