Star Drill


The Star Drill- Beginner


The Star Drill is designed to work on passing, communication and driving to the net. During this drill encourage the players to skate before passing the ring. Once the defense is added skating before and after passing the ring will help them make a successful pass.

If the defense is struggling you can ask the players to slow down the passes. Once they have the hang of if speed the passing back up.

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Set the participants up at 5 different points making a star. The line starts at X1. X1 passes to X2, then follows her pass. Then X2 passes toSteps:
1 passes to 2
2 passes to 3
3 passes to 4
4 passes to 5,
5 drives in for a shot.

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The next progression to the Star drill is adding defense.Once X5 has gone in for a shot she turns around and plays defense in the middle. Trying to put her stick down to stop the passes, then step up to X5 to interfere with the shot and stop her from driving closer to the net.Once the shot has been taken the D steps out and rejoins the X1 line.

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