In-Tight – Advanced


This drill is designed to work on quick passes and movement close to the net.  During the drill if a ring is not received and goes past the ringette line, the players will rotate and X1 brings in a new ring. This allows  the drill to keep moving at a fast pace making it a great warm-up drill before a game.

Forwards- Stay as close the the net as possible making quick passes.  They should not be making  stationary passes. Small movements can be made while staying in tight.

Defense-Stick down, head up and push out. Defense should not let forwards use them as a screen on the goalie.

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3 players passes to each other in a quick, close manner. After the shot is taken the X3 turns into the D, X2 moves to X3, X1 moves to X2 and D moves to X1 line.As the players get better and make crisper passes they can modify the drill and take shots from any number position and any number of passes can be made.The D should focus on keeping their sticks on the ice and stepping up to the player taking the shot.

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In the 3 v 2 version of this drill the forwards rotate in the same pattern but instead of becoming defense, they return to the forward line.A denfense line is made on the opposite side of the net. The denfense rotate in the opposite direction after every shot.

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