This weeks the drills are focusing on the triangle. Specifically sticks down and stepping up.

1. Sticks Down Passing.
2. Sticks Down Step Up
3. Stepping Up Drill

Sticks Down Passing

Sticks down passing 

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Set up partner passing but insead of stabbing the ring have them put there sticks down to stop the ring like in the triangle. The key is to make sure they are bending their knees not their backs.

Sticks Down Step Up

Sticks down step up

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In groups of three athletes practice getting their sticks down on the ice to stop a pass or to deter an opponent from making a pass by taking away the lane.
Assign numbers to the pylons. X1 and X2 are doing the same thing at the same time. X3 (alternatively you can have the instructor call numbers) calls which pylon they skate to. Once they get to the pylon they bend their knees, and put their sticks on the ice. They should always be able to see each other. Then they back-up to their starting position. Repeat. After 5 or 6 tries the participants change roles.

Stepping Up Drill

Stepping up drill

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Defenders line up next to the goal crease behind the goal line (one defender starts in the slot). The drills starts when F1 begins to skate across the ringette line with a ring. F2 times it so she receives the pass from F1 just as she crosses the ringette line. The defender must skate up around the pylon and she times it so she arrives at the right time to push F2 away from the slot. F2 can do whatever she wants to try to score but must stay on her half of the ice. The defender is practicing stepping up and pushing the forward away from the Hot Spot. (After 15 – 20 reps switch sides.)
First round take away defense sticks and have them focus on body position.

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