Checking Drills



Circle 1v1 to 2v2 works on ring protection, the 2v2 simultates a quick break into the offensive zone.
Queens Corner works on ring carrier breaking to open ice and defense chanelling to the boards

Read and React drills keep the players thinking helping them work on quickly reading whats going on and reacting accordingly.


Circle 1v1 to 2v2

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Both circles begin at the same time. They play 1v1 in the circle until the coach whistles. They leave the ring in the circle and skate to the circle red line stop and skate back and race to the ring passed by the coach. The players who played 1-1 against each other are now a team an they play 2-2 against the other team who comes from the other cir
cle.From the first whistle new players go to the circles and start playing 1-1.

Queens Corner

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Drill is run out of 2-4 corners of the ice. 2-5 players line up facing the boards. The coach tosses a ring in over top of the players’ heads so it lands in front of them. The players fight for the ring and the player that comes out with it must skate it through the pylons (she then goes in for a breakaway shot). The next athletes line up against the boards and the drill continues.The focus of this drill is to get the players to skate away from the boards to open ice.

Read and React Checking


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Players set up the diagramed formation in all 4 corners. The goalie (or coach) behind the net has the rings. She will toss one ring at a time to either side. Both groups have to be ready. The defence races for the ring, 2 forwards check. D must cut through pylons (If checked before F’s go in for one shot). Once through pylons the forwards stop checking and break over the blueline for a pass. The forward the doesn’t receives the ring cuts back over the line to receive the ring and it becomes a two on one to the net.
* Note:Maintain the speed of the drill by only allowing one shot. If the D checks the forwards drill is over.

Read and React with D-support

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The players set up in the same formation as the Read and React checking drill. Expect now both D are on the same team and there is only one forward marking each D. The goalie behind the net tosses a ring to either side and it is the job of the D to read and react if they are going for the ring or moving to a support position. D with the ring must skate through the pylons and pass to the other D over the blueline. In the neutral zone all four players will do five rushes from blueline to redline. Full stops. Stay as close to the boards as possible.
Variations: Have D pass to a forward and then return for a two on two.

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