Goalie Drills


Goalies often get forgotten when there is no goalie coach at practice. Here are a few drills to keep your goalie involved and moving.

 Rebound Drill– A fun game for goalies and players. Goalies work on rebound control and players work on passing and picking up rebounds close to the net. This drill can be done with all age groups. When the rebound drill is being done the rest of the players can work on passing or checking near the neutral zone.

5 Points- This drill is for just the goalie and one coach. The goalie works on movement through the crease using a decision training technique.

Double Pass– This is a good goalie warm up drill for goalies and players. The goalie has to move quickly to follow the passes and takes 2 quick shots.

Double Barrell– This drill has 6 shots in one round, helping the goalie work on staying focused and ready after each shot.


Rebound Drill

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Use 3 – 5 skaters. The skaters form a triangle in front of the crease, with the top player around the hashmarks with rings. She takes a sationary shot at the goalie. She wants to score or create a rebound. If the goalie keeps the ring in the crease or the ring hits the boards at anytime (from a missed shot/pass or the goalie clears it) the goalie gets one point. If the player scores off her shot the players get a point. If a rebound is given any of the skaters can pick it up, make passes (no skating around) and shoot when they have a good opportunity. The players only receive a point if one of them scores. Keep going until one side earns a point. Keep track and play to 5 points. Players rotate after each point the goalie earns.

5 Points

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Show the goalie 5 points around the crease.
1/5- at the post
2/4-lined up for the shot from the free pass circle
3- top of the creaseThe instructor calls out numbers and the goalie has to move between the numbers using shuffles and T-pushes. Once in a while the instructor can take a shot while the goalie is moving.
It is important to make sure the goalie is facing out of the crease and staying low in goalie stance.To make this drill more advanced you can add calling out a movement (sliding butterfly, push while down, ect.) the goalie has to do between the numbers.

Double Pass

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X1 skates and passes to X2, continues to skate around X2, recieves a pass back and goes in to shoot. X3 then passes to X2 and X2 goes in to shoot. X3 follows their pass and replaces X2. As soon as both shots are taken the opposite corner goes.

Double Barrell

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Players #1,#2,#3, and #4 leave at the same time. #1 and #2 skate around pilon at top of circle and shoot one after another. #3 and #4 skate around pilon at blue line and shoot one after another. As soon as player #4 has shot, #5 shoots and then #6 shoots.
#5 and #6 stay in for about 5 shots and then switch out with other players in line.

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